Virginia Beach Travel And Tourism: Top 5 Things To Do In Winter

Enjoy Oysters in Season
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When most people think of their winter break, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t going to the beach. However, if you’ve been looking for the perfect winter break destination, then Virginia Beach in the cold season is the place to be! Best of all, Virginia Beach is suitable for individuals of all ages and desires, so you can go with your family, mates, significant other, or even alone! In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know regarding visiting Virginia Beach travel and tourism, such as where to go and how to dress for the weather.

Virginia Beach Winter Weather

Virginia Beach Winter Weather
Virginia Beach Winter Weather

Virginia Beach’s winters are typically cold and windy. The cold season lasts from December to March, with daily high temperatures falling below 57°F.

January is the coldest month of the year, with an ordinary low temp of 35°F and a high temperature of 50°F. The snowiest season lasts nearly two months, from January to February, with at least 1.0 inch of snowfall.

February is the snowiest period in Virginia Beach. This month’s average snowfall is 1.4 inches. It is possible to have freezing conditions at night in the winter, but it rarely falls below 20°F.

Temperatures of 10°F or less are extremely rare. February also is the cloudiest period of the year, so don’t expect to see much sunshine if you visit in February.

Almost all year, the daytime temperature in Virginia Beach is above freezing.

Things to Do in Virginia Beach 

There are things you can do, and places where you can enjoy your time when you are there!

Beach Lights for the Holidays- Virginia Beach Travel And Tourism

Beach Lights for the Holidays
Beach Lights for the Holidays

You’re in for a treat if you visit Virginia Beach around Christmas. Dive into Virginia Beach’s festive scenery and embark on a magical journey along the Boardwalk. Drive via adventure-themed light displays, where you’ll see blinking fish, melodic crabs, and hardworking elves. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit and check out all the 40ft.

Christmas tree, swimming fish overhead, color-changing hidden passageways, and light displays honoring the local Armed Forces Community. This year, visitors can immerse themselves in the dazzling RGB tunnel and revel in the endless light show. The socially distanced event is ideal for families who want to visit one of the fine local eateries or one of the satisfiers. These are factors at the Oceanfront.

Visitors must purchase their tickets in advance online. Tickets are only valid for the date and time specified. Parking on Atlantic Avenue begins at 21st Street. Pedestrians are not permitted on the Boardwalk during in the performance, and passengers must remain in their vehicles and not stop or park there.

Warm up at a Virginia Beach Cafe

On a freezing winter day, nothing beats a cup of hot coffee and a freshly baked muffin. Virginia Beach has some unique places to warm your heart and spirit. Three Ships is situated in the ViBe Creative District. They import and roast a wide range of high-quality coffees from all over the world. Pour-over service, cold-brew coffee, an espresso bar, and specialty tea are available at the coffee bar.

Try homemade Nutella hand pies, a hot or iced Latte with peaches and strawberries, or locally made focaccia bread with a variety of cheeses. Pour Favor Coffee Shop, famed for its fine lattes and cappuccinos, is the next stop. They serve macchiato, latte, and chocolate loco coffees, as well as fresh homemade muffins, cream cheese biscuits, and chocolate chips.

Enjoy the tropical vibes at Bad Ass Coffee, a hidden gem for coffee enthusiasts. Try their Cuban coffee with berry donuts or their famous Kona coffee from Hawaii.

Visit First Landing State Park in the winter

Visit First Landing State Park in the winter
Visit First Landing State Park in the winter

First Landing State Park provides visitors with a variety of outdoor activities. Swimming, bicycling, hiking, catching fish, boating, and picnicking are all options. The area’s highlight, however, is the wide range of camping options. The campsite terrain is varied, with flat or infrequent elevations, offering camping experience. The Tranquil Woods Trail features 20 rustic cabins with a max capability of six guests.

There are two bedrooms in each cabin, each with a bed, bedside tables, and a filled mirror. Visitors must bring their own sheets, blankets, washcloths, and towels. Dishes, flatware, a stove, fridges, coffee machine, microwave oven, and a toaster are all available in the kitchen. Heat and air conditioning are provided in the cabins.

They have a picnic table, a deck, and a grill outside. You are welcome to bring your pets, but there is an additional fee. The parking lot allows only two cars per family.

Enjoy Oysters in Season

Enjoy Oysters in Season
Enjoy Oysters in Season

Virginia Beach is well-known as a dining destination, and one of the most unique feeding experiences is the local delicacy: oysters. Virginia is the oyster lover’s paradise, with eight flavor regions! For generations, the state’s watermen have harvested oysters, producing high-quality products with a diverse range. In Virginia Beach, you can appreciate these delectable oysters all year. For breakfast, try them fried as well as fresh from the water, sweet or salty.

Join the Waterman Tour for a more hands-on experience that includes a tasting tour as well as discovering the farm, ability to handle the gear, and picking up oysters. Visitors can enjoy the oyster scenery in a variety of local restaurants. Choose from bayside, seaside, or classic Lynnhaven oysters paired with corn tortillas and pizza on the Back Deck. Also, Rockefeller’s is famous for their Oysters Rockefeller, which are made with spinach, bacon, and cheese.

Hike in Virginia Beach During the Winter

Explore Virginia Beach’s winter surroundings on foot. It’s an ideal time to see the area’s wildlife as well as the amazing frozen vistas. State parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and miles of seashores await you, whether you prefer a leisurely hike or a thrilling adventure. First Landing State Park is the perfect destination with 1.25 miles of waterfront property and 19 miles of hiking trails that stretch through protected habitats and include the world’s most endangered habitat, the maritime forest community.

In conclusion

Explore Virginia’s beaches this year and rediscover your love for the state’s picturesque coastline. Hope you will have great time there!

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