Top 6 New Tourism Experience Examples

tourism experience examples
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Traveling is mostly about encountering new cultures. Many consumers today expect more from their vacations than simply lying on a beach, visiting an extremely crowded tourist attraction, or strolling through a museum. The present savvy traveler expects more than a typical tourist experience. Tourism experiences are a growing trend in the travel industry. This is where the traveler participates in a particular action while visiting the means truly.

What is exactly tourism experience examples?

What exactly are cultural tourism experience examples?
What exactly are cultural tourism experience examples?

Cultural tourism experience examples are the practice of tourists visiting specific locations to experience and learn about a specific culture. This can include a variety of activities such as attending events and festivals, visiting museums, and sampling local foods and beverages.

Cultural tourism might also be an unintended component of the tourism experience; in which cultural immersion (with the local people, their language, customs, cuisine, and so on) is an unavoidable part of a person’s vacation.

Millennials are the most focused on experience tourism. This age group is deferring the purchase of a home and other material items in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. According to a 2016 Harris Group poll, 72% of millennials favor spending their money on trips or experiences.

There are numerous types of experience tourism from which to choose. Tour operators have taken notice and are developing packages to facilitate these trends. Booking these new experiences as part of a holiday began to rise in 2018.

Destinations for cultural tourism

Destinations for cultural tourism
Destinations for cultural tourism

While many would argue that cultural tourism is ingrained in travel to any country to some extent, some particular destinations are well for their potential to just provide tourists with a cultural experience.

The categories of the most popular new tourism experiences:


These kinds of vacations can be for individuals who want to try various kinds of cuisine. It is also referred to as foodie tourism. Street food walking tours, wine whiskey tasting, visits to special restaurants, and even ethnic cooking classes are available in this niche.

Tourism for Culture

This is what it means to live like such a local. To get the most authentic cultural experience, travelers can participate in local cultural rituals or stay with locals at their destination. This can include giving back through volunteer tourism, in which the visitor benefits society by volunteering their time for a specific cause or charity.

Tourism for Heritage

Since DNA testing has become more widely accessible and cheap, many people are embarking on a journey to discover their ancestors through cultural roots or ancestry tourism. Many customers have scheduled vacations based on their DNA test results. They may visit museums and even attend a local cultural festival while in the destination.

Tourism for Adventure

If an active outdoor adventure is a consumer’s idea of the greatest travel experience, there are also many travel companies ready to assist them. Zip lining, surfing, game drives, and hiking are just a few examples of adventure tourism. Tours in riskier activities like skydiving and mountain climbing are available for extreme adventure enthusiasts.

Tourism in the Dark

Dark tourism is a type of tourism that focuses on the macabre or darker aspects of world history. Visits to World War II era sites such as internment camps like Dachau or Auschwitz are examples of this.

Some brave souls enjoy exploring catacombs beneath cities such as Paris, where they can see stacks of bones bursting at the seams of 17th-century cemeteries. Tourists interested in natural disasters can explore the ruins of Pompeii and see the citizens interred in the ash from that ill-fated day in 79 AD.

Experiences in Luxury

Those who want and can afford the best can book luxury experience travel packages. Customers can also spend their time in luxurious hotel rooms or apartments that are vastly different from where they currently live. This market is also focused on providing a personalized experience; in which the traveler interacts with their specific preferences or requirements to the property, which arranges all details before arrival.

Wellness tourism is an emerging travel trend. The wellness market was worth approximately USD 639 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at a 7.5% annual rate through 2022. Spa treatments can be organized for those who choose to pamper themselves.

They can book a variety of spa and beauty treatments, as well as a couples massage. In the wellness tourism sector, India has emerged as a forerunner. Many venues in India offer yoga classes, meditation retreats, and a variety of other wellness programs. That is how tourism experience examples work.

In conclusion

Every traveler has their idea of the ideal travel experience. The days of mundane vacations are long gone. As the travel experience trend continues, more consumers of all ages and economic backgrounds will seek out their own unique tourism experience examples. Now that the pandemic has passed, people will be eager to return to travel with more zeal than ever before.

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