The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon

The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon
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Watermelon is a fruit with a sweet, cool taste and is good for health, so it is loved by many people. However, even though it is a very familiar fruit, do you know how to cut watermelon beautifully, to satisfy even the most fastidious eaters? So let’s refer to the article The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon.

1. Traditional way of cutting watermelon

The first way to cut watermelon that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon shares with you is the traditional way of cutting watermelon. This is the simplest way anyone can do it. First, you need to wash the watermelon under running water to remove the soil and sand on the skin.

Use a knife to cut off both ends of the watermelon. Stand the melon upright, then cut the watermelon lengthwise into 4 parts. Cut the watermelon into equilateral triangles, about 1-2cm thick. Repeat until you run out of watermelon. Place the watermelon on a long plate or put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then enjoy.

This is a traditional supplement that is applied by many people because of its simple, fast but equally beautiful advantages. You can completely use this watermelon addition to present the party when needed, depending on your ability to decorate and create.

2. Cut watermelon square

Cutting watermelon squares is the next method that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon shares with you. You need to halve the melon horizontally. With half of a watermelon upside down, bring the knife from the inside out to near the rind. Divide the watermelon into 3 equal parts so that they do not fall apart.

Turn the watermelon upside down, and use the tip of a knife to cut around the edge of the peel to separate the flesh from the rind. Cut longitudinal lines on the intestines, and divide them into squares. In a bowl, you’ve got cubes of melons. The way to cut watermelon squares is often used to mix with yogurt or make mixed fruit plates.

This is a beautiful way to cut watermelon that almost anyone can do, regardless of skill or clumsy. After cutting, you can put the melon in the refrigerator when you need it, then take it out.

3. Cut the watermelon into triangles

This is the next method that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon shares with you. Watermelon was bought, washed, peeled off the 2 ends, and then determined the position between the melon and cut down, divided into 2 equal parts. Place half a watermelon on a cutting board and cut it in half with a knife. The remaining half of the watermelon does the same.

Use a knife to cut off the skin, leaving the white flesh and intestines. Proceed to cut watermelon pieces into triangular slices about 1-1.5 cm thick (depending on preference). Cut in turn until all the watermelon is gone.
More simply, you divide the watermelon into circles about 3cm thick.

Arrange the watermelon slices from top to bottom. Using a knife to cut into 4 parts lengthwise will also form equal triangular watermelon pieces. You choose a round or long plate depending on the decoration. Arrange each piece of melon on top of each other in a pillow fashion (long plate) or arrange with the tip of the intestine facing in, the white pulp facing out (round plate). Put it in the fridge for a few minutes and it’s ready to use.

4. Cut the watermelon in the shape of a pine tree

Pine tree-shaped watermelon cutting is a pretty unique way of cutting watermelon that you can refer to make your dishes more attractive. Wash the watermelon and cut it lengthwise into 4 equal-sized pieces. Place the piece of melon on the cutting board, so that the intestines are facing the cutting board. Use a sharp knife to cut the watermelon rind into 3 parts.

Use a knife to cut off 2 pieces of melon skin on both sides, leaving only the middle part. Pay attention to do it carefully close to the peel, do not cut into the intestine to expose the unsightly watermelon seeds. Slice the watermelon horizontally.

When cut, you will see an arrow-shaped watermelon piece and hold it in your hand, it will look like a pine tree. Arrange each piece of cut watermelon on a long plate and bring it up for family members or friends to enjoy.

5. Cut watermelon into rounds

This is probably the method that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon thinks is the simplest. You just need to use a circular spoon to scoop the watermelon into even balls. Put all the watermelon balls in a bag or food container to freeze before enjoying. Take it out and put it in a bowl.

It’s simple and quick, you have a lovely, cool, sweet bowl of watermelon ice cream to invite the whole family. Depending on how cold you want to eat it, keep the watermelon in the freezer for a long time or quickly.

6. Cut the watermelon in the shape of a heart

Another cute way to cut watermelon that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon shares with you is to cut watermelon in the shape of a heart. You will cut the watermelon into circles with a thickness of about 3cm.
Use the heart mold to place on the watermelon, and press down firmly on the watermelon face to easily separate the watermelon.

Gently push the melon out of the mold and place it on a plate. Or there is another way to create a heart shape for watermelon is to trim a V-line in the middle of the watermelon piece and continue to trim the edge to create a heart shape, cut pieces are okay.

7. Cut the watermelon in the shape of a boat

The way to cut the watermelon into a boat shape is also unique. You will cut the watermelon into 4 lengths. Use a knife to separate the watermelon rind and flesh, but keep the red flesh of the watermelon on the rind.
Cut watermelon into bite-sized pieces. Arrange the pieces staggered and you will immediately have a unique boat shape.

If you want to learn how to add a beautiful watermelon to prepare for a party or birthday at home, this is the perfect suggestion. The boat-shaped watermelon pieces decorated with many other fruits look extremely outstanding for your party.

8. Cut the watermelon in the shape butterfly 

How to cut butterfly-shaped watermelon is the final method that The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon shares with you. Watermelon, after washing, cut off 2 parts at both ends with a knife and then cut into circles about 2.5cm thick. Prepare a small, thin knife and then carefully slide the blade along the outer edge of the melon to cut off the skin and intestines.

You can remove the seeds of the watermelon if you want. Using a butterfly mold, press firmly on the red flesh, gently pushing the watermelon out of the mold. Place the watermelon on a plate. Watermelon tastes better when chilled. If you don’t have a butterfly mold, simply halve the melon lengthwise.

Trim the V at the positions as shown below to create a butterfly shape. Divide into bite-sized pieces and arrange on a plate. This is a great way to decorate a party or birthday for young children.

Hopefully the article The 8 Best Ways To Cut A Watermelon will provide you with useful information to make your kitchen stand out.

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