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Generic French or French-styled lemon syrup, not unlike a lemon version of Rose's Lime Juice (which see). Common in pre-1950s cocktails, especially in Europe - and in America previous to Prohibition. You can make your own with this recipie: - 3 lemons sliced thin - 400g sugar Slice the lemons and preserve them by completely covering them with sugar and store at room temp for 3 or 4 days. Bring to a boil and strain out the solids.

Drinks made with Sirop-de-Citron:

  1. Pink Baby Cocktail
  2. Revigorator Cocktail
  3. Summer Time Cocktail
  4. White Baby Cocktail
  5. Clayton's Special Cocktail
  6. Big Boy Cocktail
  7. Filmograph Cocktail

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