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Rye Whiskey

Generic for single-malt whiskey distilled from predominately rye mash combined with a lesser quantity of corn mash. Mainly refers to American whiskey, but is also a term used by Canadian distillers (in which case, unless specifically noted otherwise, really denotes a blended whiskey). In the main, rye is quite like Bourbon but, with a few exceptions, is drier (not as sweet) tasting. Historically, rye was produced mostly in Pennsylvania and aged in warehouses along the Monongahela River, though currently it is made along side the more popular Bourbon in the places Bourbon is produced. "Straight rye whiskey" in the United States means whiskey produced from a mash of at least 51% rye grains, distilled below 160 proof, aged at least two years in new, charred oak barrels, and diluted with nothing other than water.

Drinks made with Rye Whiskey:

  1. Deshler Cocktail
  2. 'Flu Cocktail
  3. London Cocktail (Whiskey)
  4. Dandy Cocktail
  5. Lawhill Cocktail
  6. Ink Street Cocktail
  7. Hot Deck Cocktail
  8. Ward VIII
  9. Capetown Cocktail
  10. Elk's Own Cocktail
  11. Approve Cocktail
  12. Commodore Cocktail
  13. Blinker
  14. Fox River Cocktail
  15. Dry Cocktail
  16. Brooklyn Cocktail
  17. Cablegram Cocktail
  18. Mountain Cocktail
  19. New 1920 Cocktail
  20. New York Cocktail
  21. Old-Fashioned Appetizer
  22. "Old Pal" Cocktail
  23. Opening Cocktail
  24. Oriental Cocktail
  25. Palmer Cocktail
  26. Pick-Up
  27. Rattlesnake Cocktail
  28. Rah-Rah-Rut
  29. Rock and Rye Cocktail
  30. Russel House Cocktail
  31. Rye Whiskey Cocktail
  32. Sazerac Cocktail
  33. Scoff-Law Cocktail
  34. "S. G." Cocktail
  35. Soul Kiss Cocktail No. 2
  36. Temptation Cocktail
  37. T. N. T. Cocktail
  38. Up-to-Date Cocktail
  39. Zazarac Cocktail
  40. Byrrh Cocktail

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