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Orange Curaçao

Generic for orange liqueur made in various colors but similar in flavor to one another, in neutral spirit base. (Any specified color, such as "Blue Curaçao", merely denotes the addition of food coloring for visual effect.) Quality varies widely between domestic and imported varieties. Noted brands are Bardinet and Marie Brizard. Substitute: -Orange Liqueur

Drinks made with Orange Curaçao:

  1. Blue Bird Cocktail
  2. Church Parade Cocktail
  3. Johnnie Mack Cocktail
  4. Maiden's Blush Cocktail No. 1
  5. Weesuer Special Cocktail
  6. Fox Trot Cocktail
  7. Orange Martini Cocktail
  8. East India Cocktail
  9. Flag Cocktail
  10. Ichbien Cocktail
  11. Pegu Club Cocktail
  12. Satan's Whiskers Cocktail (Curled)

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