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Maraschino is a bittersweet, clear liqueur flavored with Marasca cherries, which are grown in Dalmatia, Croatia, mostly around the city of Zadar and in Torreglia (near Padua in Northern Italy). The liqueur's distinctive flavor comes from the Marasca cherries, and the crushed cherry pits lend an almond-like flavor to Maraschino. Honey is also part of the ancient recipe. The distillate matures for at least two years in ashwood vats, since this wood does not lend its colour to the liqueur, and is then diluted and sugared. It is typically bottled in a straw-coated bottle.

Drinks made with Maraschino:

  1. Allen Cocktail
  2. Aviation Cocktail
  3. Blue Devil Cocktail
  4. Casino Cocktail
  5. Charleston Cocktail
  6. Colonial Cocktail
  7. Cornell Cocktail
  8. Fantasio Cocktail No. 1
  9. Fantasio Cocktail No. 2
  10. Holland House Cocktail
  11. Honolulu Cocktail No. 2
  12. Ideal Cocktail
  13. Imperial Cocktail
  14. Leave It to Me Cocktail No. 2
  15. London Cocktail (Gin)
  16. Lord Soffolk Cocktail
  17. Blue Moon Cocktail
  18. Melon Cocktail
  19. Moonshine Cocktail
  20. Opera Cocktail
  21. Peto Cocktail
  22. Lawhill Cocktail
  23. Royal Cocktail No. 3
  24. Sensation Cocktail
  25. Seventh Heaven Cocktail No. 1
  26. Seventh Heaven Cocktail No. 2
  27. Silver Cocktail
  28. Snicker Cocktail
  29. Irish Cocktail
  30. Tuxedo Cocktail No. 2
  31. White Plush Cocktail
  32. White Rose Cocktail
  33. Yale Cocktail
  34. Brooklyn Cocktail
  35. Mary Pickford Cocktail
  36. Brandy Crusta Cocktail
  37. Classic Cocktail
  38. Merry Window
  39. Morning Cocktail
  40. Saratoga Cocktail

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