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Gomme Syrup

Generic for high-concentration water & sugar solution, with the addition of gum arabic as an emulsifier. Used as a primary sweetening agent in drinks; and, in combination with fresh lemon and/or lime juice, precludes the need for sweet and sour mix. The term "gum" or "gomme" has come to mean simple sugar syrup in latter-day common parlance.

Drinks made with Gomme Syrup:

  1. Martini Cocktail (Sweet)
  2. King Cole Cocktail
  3. Shriner Cocktail
  4. Harry Lauder Cocktail
  5. Yale Cocktail
  6. Manhattan Cocktail (Sweet)
  7. Morning Glory Cocktail
  8. Absinthe Cocktail
  9. 19-Pick-Me-Up-Cocktail
  10. Applejack Cocktail
  11. Star Cocktail
  12. Bacardi Cocktail
  13. Brandy Special Cocktail
  14. Metropolitan Cocktail

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