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Proprietary French quinquina in sweet (red) and less-sweet (blonde) varieties. Unquestionably, the most famous quinquina made. Called for in a variety of cocktails, one of them named for it: the Dubonnet Cocktail (which, for a time, Dubonnet also produced in a bottled form. Notable in the Blackthorn Cocktail.

Drinks made with Dubonnet:

  1. Appetizer No.1
  2. Appetizer No.1-A
  3. Dubonnet Cocktail
  4. Deshler Cocktail
  5. Jackson Cocktail
  6. Jimmy Blanc Cocktail
  7. Napoleon Cocktail
  8. Dandy Cocktail
  9. Opera Cocktail
  10. Peggy Cocktail
  11. Salome Cocktail
  12. Savoy Hotel Special Cocktail No. 2
  13. Wedding Belle Cocktail
  14. Zaza Cocktail
  15. Old-Fashioned Appetizer
  16. Soul Kiss Cocktail No. 2
  17. Temptation Cocktail
  18. Diabola Cocktail
  19. Submarine Cocktail

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