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Crème de Cacao

This liqueur may be a clear and light, or a dark caramel-colored product, often labeled as "dark crème de cacao." The French word "crème" refers to the creamy texture of the extra sweet liqueur, but there is no actual dairy cream in this product. The alcohol content of Crème de Cacao can vary, but 20 to 25% ABV (40–50 proof (U.S.)) is common.

Drinks made with Crème de Cacao:

  1. Alexander Cocktail
  2. Barbary Coast Cocktail
  3. Fox River Cocktail
  4. Polly Cocktail
  5. Russian Cocktail
  6. Whizz-Doodle Cocktail
  7. Alexander Cocktail No. 2
  8. Angel's Kiss Cocktail
  9. Angel's Wing Cocktail
  10. Savoy Hotel Cocktail
  11. Russian Bear

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