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Defunct proprietary South African sweet deep golden quinquina from Capetown - along the lines of Lillet blanc. Substitutes: -Dubonnet (blonde) -Lillet Blanc -Blanc/Bianco Vermouth with a dash of Amaro Montenegro

Drinks made with Caperitif:

  1. Cabaret Cocktail
  2. Cape Cocktail
  3. Gin and Cape Cocktail
  4. Jabberwock Cocktail
  5. Manyann Cocktail
  6. Modder River Cocktail
  7. Piccad Cocktail
  8. Seventh Heaven Cocktail No. 1
  9. Transvaal Cocktail
  10. Bushranger Cocktail
  11. Joburg Cocktail
  12. Barney Barnato Cocktail
  13. Capetown Cocktail

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