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Calvados (apple brandy)

Calvados is an apple brandy from the French région of Basse-Normandie or Lower Normandy.

Drinks made with Calvados (apple brandy):

  1. Angel Face Cocktail
  2. Barton Special Cocktail
  3. C.F.H. Cocktail
  4. Dempsey Cocktail
  5. Empire Cocktail
  6. Maiden's Prayer Cocktail No. 2
  7. Prince's Smile Cocktail
  8. So-So Cocktail
  9. Star Cockail No. 1
  10. Warday's Cocktail
  11. Wembley Cocktail No. 1
  12. Kicker Cocktail
  13. Third Rail Cocktail No. 2
  14. Block and Fall Cocktail
  15. Deauville Cocktail
  16. Saucy Sue Cocktail

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