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Generic for the first New World-native distilled spirit, first produced in the 17th century by English or European settlers in America. Currently it is often (but not always) blended with neutral spirits. Sometimes a bit of sweet apple wine is added to increase the depth and apple flavor of the bottled product. Excellent in cocktails. Brand example: Laird's Applejack

Drinks made with Applejack:

  1. Mule Hind Leg Cocktail
  2. Personality a la Roy Cocktail
  3. Savoy Tango Cocktail
  4. Royal Smile Cocktail
  5. Applejack Cocktail
  6. The Applejack Rabbit Cocktail
  7. Applejack (Special) Cocktail
  8. Jack Rose
  9. Kenny
  10. Liberty
  11. Littlest Rebel Cocktail
  12. Philadelphia Scotchman Cocktail
  13. Star Cocktail
  14. Stone Fence
  15. Tinton Cocktail
  16. Apple Pie Cocktail
  17. Sonora Cocktail
  18. Special Rough Cocktail

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