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Generic for bitter-sweet spirit or wine based beverage bitters. Consumed straight or in mixed drinks in larger proportions than aromatic bitters or fruit bitters. Examples are Amer Picon, Fernet Branca, Unicum, and Campari.

Drinks made with Aperitif:

  1. Dry Cocktail
  2. "Old Pal" Cocktail
  3. Suisse Cocktail
  4. Choker Cocktail
  5. Attention Cocktail
  6. Cabaret Cocktail
  7. Du Barry Cocktail
  8. Fourth Degree
  9. Turf Cocktail
  10. Dempsey Cocktail
  11. Fascinator Cocktail
  12. White Lily Cocktail
  13. Harry's Cocktail
  14. Knock-Out Cocktail
  15. Maiden's Blush Cocktail No. 2
  16. Merry Widow Cocktail
  17. Moonshine Cocktail
  18. Yolanda Cocktail

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