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Generic for distilled high proof spirit-based aperitif bitters flavored with anise & other herbs - containing wormwood. Used mainly in simple cocktails showcasing it, many more cocktails citing it were actually formulated for the use of absinthe substitutes like Herbsaint or post-1913 Pernod. Absinthe bans were enacted in many countries in the 1912-1915 period due, in part, to the allegedly deleterious effects of the thujone-laden wormword, and in part to the indigence, and crime associated with the burgeoning consumption of alcohol as a result of the move from agrarian to industrial society and the urban blight associated therewith. Absinthe enjoyed a (continuing) rebirth of popularity in the late 1990s largely founded upon its mythical taboo status. Many new brands of widely varying qualities and quality have appeared based on tenuous historical pretexts. Substitues: Absente, Herbsaint, Pernod, Ricard, other pastis

Drinks made with Absinthe:

  1. Bunny Hug Cocktail
  2. Savoy Hotel Special Cocktail No. 1
  3. Tuxedo Cocktail No. 1
  4. Modern Cocktail (Whiskey)
  5. Morning Glory Cocktail
  6. Old-Fashioned Appetizer
  7. Pick-Up
  8. Rattlesnake Cocktail
  9. Rah-Rah-Rut
  10. Sazerac Cocktail
  11. Temptation Cocktail
  12. T. N. T. Cocktail
  13. Trilby Cocktail No. 2
  14. Wizz-Bang Cocktail
  15. Zazarac Cocktail
  16. Absinthe Cocktail
  17. Absinthe (Special) Cocktail
  18. Absinthe Drip Cocktail
  19. Brunelle Cocktail
  20. Button Hook Cocktail
  21. Duchess Cocktail
  22. Glad Eye Cocktail
  23. Macaroni Cocktail
  24. 19-Pick-Me-Up-Cocktail
  25. Pansy Cocktail
  26. Victory Cocktail
  27. Which Way Cocktail
  28. Yellow Parrot Cocktail
  29. Melba Cocktail
  30. Third Rail Cocktail No. 2
  31. Block and Fall Cocktail
  32. Bombay Cocktail No. 2
  33. Castle Dip Cocktail
  34. Depth Charge Cocktail
  35. Dream Cocktail
  36. Moonraker Cocktail
  37. Morning Cocktail
  38. Nick's Own Cocktail
  39. Presto Cocktail
  40. Ray Long Cocktail
  41. Saucy Sue Cocktail
  42. Special Rough Cocktail
  43. Cordova Cocktail
  44. Millionaire Cocktail No. 2
  45. Modern Cocktail No. 2
  46. Peggy Cocktail
  47. Piccadilly Cocktail
  48. Queen Elizabeth Cocktail
  49. Self-Starter Cocktail
  50. Third Degree Cocktail
  51. Weesuer Special Cocktail
  52. Blackthorn Cocktail

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