How To Stop Windows 10 Update ( Simplest Way To Do)

How To Stop Windows 10 Update ( Simplest Way To Do)
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When you try to shut down your desktop or laptop, Windows always installs updates. In general, it is a bothersome issue for most users, and many users wonder how to stop the windows 10 update. This post will tell you how to stop a Windows 10 update that is currently in progress in a variety of ways.

The Problem with Windows 10 Automatic Update

Many computer users nowadays grumble that Windows always installs some updates automatically. And they want to know how to stop windows 10 update because it will cause additional problems. For example, a Windows update may result in data loss. So, do you know how to prevent Windows 10 updates from downloading automatically? If not, this post will tell you how to permanently stop Windows 10 updates using effective solutions. So simply continue reading.

How to stop windows 10 update After It Has Been Downloaded

How to stop windows 10 update After It Has Been Downloaded
How to stop windows 10 update After It Has Been Downloaded

You can still stop these updates before they take effect if you haven’t reached the point in which the Windows 10 update is installing, and yet your PC has downloaded the file, and the shutdown and reset choices have altered to Update and Shut Down and Update and Restart. You simply need to prevent Windows from performing its own “maintenance.”

  • Select System and Security from the ranking of menu options after opening the Control Panel.
  • Kick Security and Maintenance.
  • Choose Maintenance to see more options.
  • Select Stop Maintenance from the Automatic Maintenance menu.

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates Forever

If the above method does not work or you want to ensure that updates are not applied in the near future, you can disable Windows automatic updates completely. This should also dismiss any ongoing Windows 10 updates.

Tip: Follow the given steps above to revert the process by allowing updates to download, then install automatically. However, after selecting Properties, change the Startup type to Automatic. Choose Start from the menu as well if you want to start an update check.

Canceling Windows Updates in Windows 10 in a professional way

Windows 10 Professional users have another option for stopping Windows 10 updates in advance: the Windows 10 Group Policy Editor. This will provide an alternative method of preventing an update that some people may prefer.
Press Windows+R, then type gpedit.MSC, and then click OK.

  • Navigate to Computer Setup > Administrative Templates then Windows Components, after that choose Windows Update.
  • Look for and select the entry Configure Automatic Updates.
  • Select Disabled from the toggle choices on the left.
    Select OK after selecting Apply.
  • A Reminder Regarding Windows 10 Updates in Progress.

If your computer has already begun installing the update (i.e., it is on a blue screen with an advancement percentage and explicitly instructs you not to turn it off), pay attention to it. While it may be tempting to press the power button to restart your PC and stop the update, you risk harming your Windows installation, rendering your system unusable.

Allow the update to complete before uninstalling it or using Windows 10’s system recovery methods to restore the system to its pre-update state.

Tools for preventing automatic Windows updates

Here is a list of free Windows Update Blocker techniques that can be used to prevent automatic Windows updates. You should look into them because they permit you to handle Windows 11/10 Updates with a single click.

  • Windows Update Blocker
  • Kill-Update
  • WAU Manager
  • WuMgr
  • Wu10Man
  • StopUpdates10
  • Win Update Stop
  • Win Updates Disabler

In addition, Microsoft has made available a feature called Show or Hide Updates, which allows people to hide or exclude certain unwanted Windows Updates. You can use it to prevent Windows 11/10 from having to download specific updates.

FAQ on How to stop windows 10 update

FAQ on How to stop windows 10 update
FAQ on How to stop windows 10 update

Here are all the questions that users usually ask when they are trying to how to stop windows 10 update.

Is it safe to cross off Windows Update while it is running?

No, you shouldn’t ever turn off your pc while the update is being installed. It can result in serious problems such as BSODs or corrupted Windows. If you are unsure as to if you want to use the update, you can always revert to the previous version. Stopping the ongoing update, on the other hand, should not be an option.

What happens if I don’t update Windows?

Windows updates are mainly used to distribute bug fixes as well as add new features to the operating system. Even so, if you are satisfied with your operating system’s current range of features and stability, you can forego updates for a while.

However, you must eventually update because you cannot afford to maintain an outdated operating system. Otherwise, some apps will stop working, and then you will encounter other problems. Even some games require the most recent version of Windows. As a result, it is always important to maintain your system up to date.

How do I turn off Windows Update permanently?

  • Turn off all Windows update services.
  • Modify the Group Policy.
  • To stop Windows updates, use the Registry Editor.
  • Turn off Windows update tasks.
  • You can find more information in the preceding section.

How do I enable automatic updates in Windows 10?

  • To enable automatic updates in Windows 10, follow the steps outlined below.
  • To open Settings, press the Windows and I keys simultaneously.
  • To proceed, select Update & Security from the pop-up window.
  • Then select Advanced options.
  • To proceed, select Automatic (suggested) under Choose how updates are installed.
  • Following that, your device will automatically update.

How do I perform an update from Command Prompt?

  • Run Command Prompt with administrative privileges.
  • Enter the following commands one after the other.

How do I determine which version of Windows I have?

  • You can find out what version of Windows you have by going to the Windows Settings menu.
  • To open Settings, press the Windows and I keys simultaneously.
  • Select System.
  • To proceed, click About in the left panel.
  • The Windows version can be found in the Windows Specification section.

In conclusion

To summarize, this post has presented the method how to stop windows 10 update. Try these solutions to permanently stop Windows 10 update.

If you have a better way to stop Windows updates in Windows 10, please share it in the comments section.