The 5 Wonderful Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast To Start A Day

Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast
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Fruit juice is loved all over the world, but it is also a controversial beverage about the benefits and harms. Some people believe that drinking Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast will cause you to absorb too much sugar, while others believe that this is a healthy drink and helps you supplement with many nutrients. Should you drink fruit juice regularly or not? Which fruit juices will give you the most health benefits? Our teams will provide you with the necessary information about this nutritious drink, and suggest a set of simple recipes that are easy to make at home.

If you are thinking of bottled fruit juice, this is definitely not a drink that brings health benefits, even the cause of problems such as weight gain, accelerated aging, deep wrinkles. teeth, insulin resistance… Meanwhile, pure Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast has many outstanding effects, which can be mentioned:

The Benefits of Drinking Fruit Juice In The Morning

1. Rich in vitamins

Fruit juices are packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds like carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids, which can help the body neutralize free radicals and reduce the risk of many diseases. Contrary to some stereotypes, juice retains the same amount of nutrients as unpressed whole fruit. This makes pure fruit juice superior to bottled fruit juice, even though both are high in sugar. One side is natural sugar and the other is added sugar from artificial substances, so don’t confuse them. Bottled juice can be harmful to your health, no matter how much you consume. And 100% fresh fruit juices can only increase the risk of disease if you drink too much.

Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast

2. Strengthen the immune system

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will support the body’s immune function. One of the essential vitamins for the immune system that you can get from Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast is vitamin C.Besides sweet fruits, green vegetables are also an extremely rich source of vitamin C. Therefore, you can combine vegetables with fruits, both to reduce the amount of sugar in a cup of juice, and to double the effect of improving the health of the immune system.

 3. Purify the body

The advantage of juice over whole fruit is that it helps the body to consume it faster and easier, and at the same time increases the ability to absorb nutrients in the ingredients. Every cell in the body can benefit from a cup of juice, it helps to purify the blood and eliminate toxins more effectively.

Moreover, when you get nutrients into the body through liquid form, the digestive system will not be under too much pressure like when handling hard and heavy foods, the body will be able to focus energy for food. self-detoxification mechanism.

4. Skin rejuvenation

When the body is nourished with the most quintessential nutrients from fresh foods, you will own a younger-than-age skin, increasingly bright and smooth. Fruit juice helps to hydrate the skin, providing a large amount of antioxidants, thus slowing down your aging process.

The 5 Wonderful Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast To Start A Day

1. Orange juice mix carrot

If pure orange juice is too familiar, this recipe will help you change the taste and get more ideas for mixing oranges with other vegetables. Carrots make up the largest portion of the recipe, giving it a very distinctive flavor. Combined with oranges, this tuber will be less greasy and much easier to drink. What a simple way to consume a few raw carrots at once, isn’t it?

This cup of Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast helps you improve digestion, reduce stress and regulate cholesterol in the body. The rich calcium content in carrots, the abundant vitamin C in oranges, the antioxidants in ginger and lemongrass are all good for health, safe for both pregnant women and children.

  • Note:

You can leave the carrot skin intact if using organic ingredients. For oranges, you can use earthen oranges, yellow oranges or any other type of orange that is in season. Pregnant women should not eat or drink too many oranges to avoid heartburn or sudden increase in blood sugar.

2. Watermelon juice

Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast

Watermelon contains very few calories compared to many other fruits, not only suitable for weight loss diets but also stimulates collagen production – extremely good for skin and hair. This is a very good summer cooling juice. However, currently, watermelon is grown all year round, not only in summer, so you should take advantage of it to hydrate and purify your body.

  • Note:

If you eat or drink too much watermelon, you may feel bloated and gassy. Watermelon also has a high glycemic index, so it should be juiced with ingredients with a low glycemic index to balance it out.

3. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is rich in polyphenols with extremely powerful antioxidant effects. Drinking pomegranate juice regularly can help the body eliminate free radicals, thereby protecting cells from damage Combined with 3 fruits: orange, tangerine, and lemon, this pomegranate juice recipe has a tropical flavor and helps you effectively quench your thirst on summer days.

  • Note:

If you do not squeeze pomegranates but use them to eat, you need to be careful not to let children eat the hard seeds. In fact, this portion can be eaten and is rich in fiber, but consuming large amounts can cause intestinal obstruction. Adults need to chew thoroughly before swallowing, or may spit out.

Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast

4. Pineapple mix Apple Juice

Pineapple is considered a panacea of women, thanks to its anti-aging effects, beautifying the skin, regulating menstruation, toning round 1, reducing waist … The combination of apple and pineapple will bring a sweet taste that is hard to refuse. However, you should not abuse this recipe to avoid loading too much sugar.

  • Note:

To choose a good pineapple, pay attention to its smell (smell at the bottom of the pineapple). This is what determines ripeness and freshness. A moderately ripe pineapple will have a characteristic sweet aroma, while a pineapple harvested too early or not sweet will not have the same aroma. The smell of stamping, waterlogging, rot or fermentation is also easy to recognize, pay attention. In addition, if you want to buy ripe pineapple for pressing, you should choose the fruit with an even yellow color. A green pineapple after being picked will not be sweeter.

5. Grapes Juice- one of the best Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast

Grapes provide water for the body with nutrients such as potassium, zinc, vitamin C, calcium… The content of antioxidants and plant compounds in this fruit is very high, thus helping the body to prevent cancer and cancer. many chronic diseases. The combination of grapes with seemingly unrelated ingredients like purple cabbage, pears or cucumbers will surely surprise and delight you! Try it out!

  • Note:

You can use green grapes, red grapes or black grapes as you like, but be aware of their sweetness to adjust the recipe. Green grapes are usually more tart or sweeter than the rest of the grapes. This is one of the famous recipes, combining local food and imported food. Using organically grown vegetables and fruits, building a process of washing and preserving ingredients including 5 steps, storing juice in clean and safe glass bottles,

6. Kiwi Juice

Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast

Kiwi is the most vitamin C-rich ingredient in the plant world, surpassing the citrus family. Regular vitamin C supplementation will help you have a healthy immune system, increase iron absorption, effectively fight inflammation … Kiwi is also an ingredient for smooth skin and healthy shiny hair, use it more often!

  • Note:

If you don’t have celery, you can substitute ⅓ of a cucumber. These two ingredients are both high in water and are often used in Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes For Breakfast to naturally dilute the taste.