Fast Food Places Have Pepsi in Vietnam

Fast Food Places Have Pepsi in Vietnam
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Fast Food Places Have Pepsi in Vietnam! the numerous fast food restaurant chains that sell Pepsi.  You might not think of these places as places to buy this kind of drink, but some do.

Fast food promotions in Vietnam

Fast food in Vietnam is moderately priced in comparison to local food price levels in Vietnam, so it is always a good idea to look for deals. Lunch specials are available at all fast-food restaurants between 11.00 (as well as 11.30 – depending on the company) as well as 2.00 Monday through Friday.

It’s worth noting that the lunchtime special offers alter every three months or so, so you might find yourself going in for your usual lunchtime special only to discover that the menu has changed! After a while, you may become addicted to eating junk food in Vietnam!

In furthermore to the lunchtime specials, there are other promotions throughout the store. These usually comprise of a family pack of food, such as 2 burgers / 2 chips / 2 chips / one chicken piece, and give a great discount on the cost of the individual pieces.



McDonald’s offers a ticket-only service in most of its locations, which can be perplexing. Near the entrance, there are huge touchscreens where you can place your order. You can pay by credit card or cash on the touchscreen.

Other fast food restaurants do not have these touchscreens, so you must wait in line (which is usually not very long) and place your order before paying (card or cash).

In Vietnam, you have two options for fast food: take it away or eat it in. All of the major fast food restaurants are part of the takeaway system, such as Grab Eats, so you can get your fast food directly delivered to your house on a motorbike using an app like this. You can also go to the shop a do and get takeout.

The third alternative is eating your food while shopping. The process of eating in is very different from that of fast food restaurants in the West, where you generally stand and your food is placed on a tray and you’re on your way. In Vietnam, they instead give you a bar counter number stand, which you take and place on your table, and it will be delivered to you after a short time (typically within 5 minutes).

Surprisingly, when eating junk food in Vietnam, your food is served on a proper plate with metal cutlery (though why you need a spoon for a burger is beyond me!) as well as your drink in a proper glass This is lovely and elevates the experience, making it feel more like a proper restaurant instead of a fast-food outlet.

Famous fast food places have Pepsi in Vietnam

Although the standard burger is available in all stores, there is also a huge variety of more Asian dishes, most of which focus on rice.

MENU OF KFC – Fast Food Places Have Pepsi

MENU OF KFC - Fast Food Places Have Pepsi 
MENU OF KFC – Fast Food Places Have Pepsi

Although KFC offers the standard range of chicken and chicken burgers, they also offer a very nice shrimp chicken sandwich (burger Tom) that, while it may sound strange, should be tried (if only for its distinctiveness!)

A variety of chicken-based dishes are served with rice – and the amount of rice is quite generous!

MENU LOTTERIA – Fast Food Places Have Pepsi

Lotteria offers a variety of burgers, including the plain burger as well as the shrimp burger (burger Tom), as well as Asian-influenced favorites such as the Pho Mai burger, Teriyaki burger, and Bulgogi burger.

They also serve a variety of rice dishes, with the option of plain or flavored rice relying on the dish.

In addition to the unexpected aspects of spaghetti (which really is available in many fast food joints) and soup!

MENU OF MCDONALDS – Fast Food Places Have Pepsi

McDonald’s menu in Vietnam is the most comparable to it in the United States of America. They serve many of the same breakfast foods and burgers, but they also serve a variety of rice dishes.

MENU OF BURGER KING – Fast Food Places Have Pepsi

In general, Burger King appears to be more expensive than the other fast-food restaurants. They have an extensive burger menu.

They also serve chicken and a wide variety of rice dishes, which can be paired with chicken or beef.


Ice cream is among the most popular types of fast food in Vietnam. It’s available almost at every fast food restaurant. The cheapest are the cones (which are super cheap), which you can eat inside or take away, with a variety of other ice cream-based desserts available.

KFC also serves egg custard, while McDonald’s serves the common Western deserts found in McDonald’s around the world.


Pepsi and other fizzy drinks are available at all fast-food restaurants. However, depending on the store, there are a variety of alternative drinks available.
The most popular and extensive variety is with the various types of tea – a popular drink in Vietnam. Nestea is a milk tea brand that comes in a variety of flavors, including peach tea as well as green tea.

Milo, a branded type of hot chocolate drink, is also available.

In conclusion

Overall, while fast food in Vietnam is not always comparable to that in the West, you are sure to find your new favorite basic burger and you can find Fast Food Places Have Pepsi. These establishments also have their own distinct Vietnamese flavor, so be sure to explore.