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Swedish Punch

Generic for a type of smoky Scandinavian liqueur, Batavia Arak/Arrack-based & flavored. Batavia Arak is a distillate of fermented sugar cane juice and fermented Javanese rice - which creates a sharp smoky rummy spirit. Swedish Punsch (or Punch) sweetens this with cane sugar to produce an unforgettable liqueur. Notable brands are Cederlund's Carlshamn's and Gronstedt. Like a dark smoky rum and when added to other lesser rums tends to enhance their value in an estimable way.

Drinks made with Swedish Punch:

  1. Biffy Cocktail
  2. C.F.H. Cocktail
  3. "Have a Heart" Cocktail
  4. Lasky Cocktail
  5. Mabel Berra Cocktail
  6. Pooh-Bah Cocktail
  7. Strike's Off Cocktail
  8. Welcome Stranger Cocktail
  9. Wellington Cocktail
  10. Boomerang Cocktail
  11. Corpse Reviver No. 2
  12. Four Flush Cocktail
  13. Full House Cocktail
  14. Melba Cocktail
  15. Tanglefoot Cocktail
  16. Havana Cocktail

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