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Proprietary highly refined French brandy-based Curaçao orange liqueur upon which the generic triple sec is based. The company, in fact, coined the term to describe their product. They later dropped the term from their label when hosts of imitators deluged the market with lower quality generic products in similar bottles and the term "triple sec" in a font like that of Cointreau. An indispensible cocktail constituent. Substitutions: -Triple Sec

Drinks made with Cointreau:

  1. Blue Train Cocktail
  2. Campden Cocktail
  3. Corpse Reviver No. 2
  4. Cota Cocktail
  5. Dodge Special Cocktail
  6. Fine and Dandy Cocktail
  7. Deshler Cocktail
  8. Frankenjack Cocktail
  9. Little Devil Cocktail
  10. Lord Soffolk Cocktail
  11. Loud Speaker Cocktail
  12. Luigi Cocktail
  13. Mah-Jongg Cocktail
  14. Maiden's Prayer Cocktail No. 1
  15. Dandy Cocktail
  16. Opal Cocktail
  17. Orange Bloom Cocktail
  18. Queen Elizabeth Cocktail
  19. Sweet Patotie Cocktail
  20. Ulanda Cocktail
  21. White Baby Cocktail
  22. White Lady Cocktail
  23. White Lily Cocktail
  24. Between-the-Sheets Cocktail
  25. X. Y. Z. Cocktail
  26. Big Boy Cocktail
  27. Block and Fall Cocktail
  28. Deauville Cocktail
  29. Frank Sullivan Cocktail
  30. "Hoop La!" Cocktail
  31. Newton's Special Cocktail
  32. Odd McIntyre Cocktail
  33. Sidecar Cocktail
  34. Appetizer No. 3
  35. Blue Monday Cocktail
  36. Flying Fortress Cocktail

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