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12 Drinks Beginning with “E”

Vintage Cocktail E. Nos Cocktail

E. Nos Cocktail

Stir well in ice and strain. Add a Cherry.

Vintage Cocktail Eclipse Cocktail

Eclipse Cocktail

Put enough Grenadine in a glass to cover a ripe Olive. Mix the gin in ice and pour gently on to the grenadine so that it does not mix. Squeeze orange peel on top.

Vintage Cocktail Eddie Brown Cocktail

Eddie Brown Cocktail

Stir well in ice, strain and garnish with lemon peel

Vintage Cocktail El Bart Blossom

El Bart Blossom

Stir well in ice, strain and garnish with a cherry

Vintage Cocktail El Draque

El Draque

Stir and serve with ice. This Drink originally calls for Aguardiente (a predecessor to rum) instead of White Wine. Aguardiente is extremely difficult to find and was made by Spaniards in California using wine grapes, so we can substitute white wine.

Vintage Cocktail Elk Cocktail

Elk Cocktail

Stir with ice and strain

Vintage Cocktail Elk's Own Cocktail

Elk's Own Cocktail

Squeeze 1/2 of a Lemon into the drink. Shake well, strain into glass and add a Slice of Pineapple.

Vintage Cocktail Ethel Duffy Cocktail

Ethel Duffy Cocktail

Shake well with cracked ice and strain.

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